Mock Interview

Under this Interview Guidance Programme a Mock Interview is a facility as well as strong mechanism to enhance the confidence of the aspirants and to make them familiar to face the UPSC conducted interviews. Under this programme which continues for almost 45 days on an average 10 Mock Interview Boards are formed. The Mock Interview Continue from 10:00 AM in the morning to 05:30 in the evening. Each Mock Board consists of very senior Retd./Working Bureaucrats, renowned academicians and highly qualified professional from different fields and distinguished personnel from different social services.

1 Individual Mocks: We form interview boards in different rooms in a manner which is similar to that of UPSC Interview Boards which is constituted by a Chairman alongwith board members. Board Members and Chairman takes interview of the Individual for about 35 minutes. After that all the members guide the candidate about his performance, any deficiency and some tips for makeup his deficiency and enhances performance. Candidates are allowed to question anything such as his dress, his sitting postures, his entering etc. Board Members reply and guide the candidate against all his questions with pleasure.

2. Group Mocks: During the Interview Guidance Programme several group mocks are arranged. Here group mock few candidates appeared before a senior/serving bureaucrat who based on his long and wide ranging experience in the functioning of bureaucracy guides and helps the candidates to response and answer in the UPSC Board. Here when one individual candidate is interviewed by the bureaucrat it becomes a lesson for other candidates appearing there. In this manner, the group of candidates get fast and indepth guidance to face the UPSC Interview.

3. Feedback Session: After individual mock interview candidates are directed to attend the feedback session. Here candidates is allowed to explain his performance in the mock interview. Faculty asks his what were the question asked during the mock interview and how he replied. Here faculty guides the candidates regarding fine tuning and correctness of his performance and reply. In feedback session candidates are advised to …